Act Clean –
Greater Noida

First “Act Clean” at a public place

Sleepwell Foundation has initiated “Act Clean” in Tugalpur area of Greater Noida (Delhi NCR)

The foundation has formulated a long term strategy to make sure that “Act Clean” is effective and is sustainable in the long run. It is involving all stakeholders in the process of planning and execution.

As a precursor to this very important initiative, an awareness programme was conducted on 31st July 2016, in the Tugalpur area to sensitize people about importance of Cleanliness and Hygiene.

‘20 Leaders’ from the community from various interest groups and including women were nominated to spearhead the Act Clean Action immediately. To ensure effectiveness, a ‘Leadership Programme’ was conducted for these Leaders from Tugalpur Market on Sunday 7th August, 2016 at Mac Lead Institute.

To assess the ground situation for long term effect, and to identify an area where pilot work will be done, a survey will be conducted in the area under the guidance of Mr. Kapil Chaudhary. The task will entail identifying places for two adjacent Compost Pits; constructing the pits; procurement of evergreen, flowering and easily maintainable plants from Horticulture Department which is suitable for the soil and area of the place for creating green belt along the Main Road in Tugalpur. Sleepwell Foundation will provide services of a Civil Engineer who will assist the local leader in the entire process.

Garbage Bins will be installed along the main road and galis. Garbage will be disposed off from the market regularly. Drains on both sides of the main road will be cleaned and covered. Manholes will be made. Public Toilets will be made as per the demand of the residents.

Upon successful completion of this pilot project, Act Clean will be scaled up to cover larger areas.

By executing “Act Clean” at various levels, Sleepwell Foundation is effectively contributing to the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat campaign.