In today’s world, technology occupies center stage in national as well as international aspect. New technologies are employed for improvement in knowledge as well as wealth generation. Information and communication technology is one of the largest contributor in enhancing nation’s growth. But there is a widening gap between those with access to these tools and those without the ability or means to access them. In a digitally unequal world, we need to focus on bridging the gap between the digitally privileged and underprivileged community of rural India.

WE BELIEVE that to bridge the digital divide in rural areas is to provide increased computer education and activities in villages.




proactive skill integration

Sleepwell Foundation imparts computer training to rural youth, especially girls to enhance their employability scope.

Basic and advanced short and long term computer courses conforming to the NIIT standard and are run at SDC Khurja.

Shafa Home Gets a Brand New Computer Lab

Sleepwell Foundation FUNDED for setting up a Computer Lab with computers & peripherals at Shafa Home for the inmates.

Residents at Shafa Home, Rohini are ecstatic about a new development in their home. Shafa Home is a rehabilitation centre providing effective support system to those affected by psychotic disorders, behavioral problems, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse, to integrate them back into the society.

Sleepwell Foundation felt that there was a need to offer basic & advanced computer courses to the inmates at Shafa Home. Computer literacy will help the inmates in being a part of the digital world and to reintegrated back into the community once when rehabilitated.

They will be better off in earning a livelihood for themselves by doing job or starting their own business

This initiative will not only help the inmates in breaking free from the dishonour of their past life but will also help them in dignified living and carving a bright future for themselves with better job opportunities.