Migration, often marked by separation from family and friends, can deeply impact the Emotional Wellness of both the individual and their family, bringing uncertainty, stress, and the pain of separation.

In this insightful episode, Counsellor Neelam Agarwal empowers viewers to gracefully navigate these challenges, promoting resilience. Watch and share it widely to turn the tide of migration into a wave of excitement, positivity, and hopeful new beginnings.


Impact of Social Media

How excessive consumption of social media affects our emotional wellness is crucial. What we do and what we don't do on social media has a direct impact on our emotional health. Our youth is particularly vulnerable. We all believe we are using social media, but is social media using us?

Counsellor Suminder Kaur provides valuable advice on being mindful and taking control of our social media consumption. Watch and share it far and wide in your social circles!


Shifting Values

Our personal values act as guiding lights, shaping our beliefs, attitudes, and actions, forming the bedrock of who we are. While personal values can be deeply ingrained, they are not static and can evolve over time.

In this episode, one of the senior-most counsellors, Praveen Thapar, provides valuable insights. Watch and share it widely to help others navigate the landscape of shifting values in modern times.


Online Relationships

The Internet has changed the way we build relationships in today’s digital age. From social media platforms to online dating apps, the virtual world offers plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with people from all over the world. Our online relationships become significant because we spend a major part of our lives on the internet, impacting our emotional wellness.

Counsellor Simi Hanspal provides invaluable guidance for navigating our online relationships while safeguarding our health. Tune in to this episode and share the insights widely. Online!


Relationships — Parents, Siblings

We're witnessing significant changes in family relationships, both between parents and children, and among siblings. Even as children mature, parents are not entirely free from their responsibilities, whether due to prolonged education, late marriages, or financial constraints. Children often feel their parents still exert control over them. Similarly, relationships among siblings can be challenging. Even when children have only one or two siblings, rifts among them are common.

Counsellor Mamta Vaish delves into these evolving familial paradigms. Watch this episode to glean newer insights on how to handle your own family better and share it far and wide.


Marital Relationships

Our society, in small towns or large cities, has transformed remarkably. Women are now more educated, financially independent, and assertive, seeking freedom of choice. Meanwhile, men often cling to traditional adaptability. Navigating a smooth marriage in modern times may not be as easy as it once was.

Counsellor Parul Khanna Parashar explores marital relationships, revealing reasons for discord and providing insights to strengthen bonds. Watch this episode and enrich not only your own relationship but also those of others around you by sharing it with them.


Pre-Marital Counselling

In the evolving family systems of India, understanding one's partner's expectations before marriage is crucial to avoid potential perils of conflicts and disappointments. Premarital counselling significantly reduces these risks by allowing couples to explore uncharted aspects of their relationship, while also learning skills and tools to enhance connection.

In this episode, Counsellor Kavita Shriram delves into the numerous benefits of premarital counselling, making it a must-watch for everyone. Share it with others to help them build thriving relationships.


Relationships at Workplace

Delve into the intricate dynamics of workplace relationships. Explore how these interactions shape our Emotional Wellness amidst the pressures of modern professional life. Join Counsellor Vickie Rai as she offers insights into navigating office work culture and fostering healthy connections.

It's a must-watch for anyone striving to thrive in today's workplace jungle. And remember, the best advice is worth sharing - so don't keep it to yourself, share it far and wide!


Myths about Counselling and Benefits of Counselling

Many hesitate to go to a counsellor due to uncertainty, myths, stereotypes, and the taboo surrounding counselling. In this illuminating episode, counsellor Neelam Agarwal dispels myths, shedding light on benefits of counselling. Her advice aids in overcoming misconceptions, encouraging help-seeking behaviour by emphasizing counselling as a safe and secure space.

Watch this episode to gain valuable insights from her expertise and also share this episode to raise awareness.


What qualities make a good counsellor?

Just as we seek out a good doctor when we're unwell, it's essential to find a skilled counsellor when we face emotional and mental challenges so that we have a connection and can trust that person.

In this enlightening episode, experienced Counsellor Radhika Chauhan guides us through the qualities that define a good counsellor. Tune in to gain valuable insights and benefit from her expertise. And, share it with everyone to spread the awareness.


Why and when should counselling be taken?

Sometimes, we're unsure when to seek help because we think we can handle things on our own. Seeking the help of a counsellor becomes important when a problem persists and starts to affect one's physical health, emotional well-being, behaviour, or work performance. Or if one realizes that they are moving towards addiction, it's a clear indication that professional support is needed.

Experienced Counsellor Parul Khanna Parashar clears the air on the 'Why' and 'When' aspects of counselling. Watch this episode and share it with all your near and dear ones.



Embark on a learning into the fundamentals of counselling in our debut episode of Season 3. Sanjivini Counsellor, Veena Aggarwal delves into the core aspects of counselling—what it is, when to seek it, and who can provide this crucial support. Gain insights into the invaluable support counselling provides for emotional Wellness.

Watch this enlightening film, and don't forget to share it with all your loved ones.