"Enhance Your
Workshop, 2017

at MacLead Institute, Greater Noida

Skilling the Supervisors of Small Scale Industries, who hardly get opportunities to enhance their skills entered the second year with the return of our program, “Enhance Your Professional Effectiveness Workshop, 2017.”

Sleepwell Foundation in association with MacLead conducted an eight session workshop on Skills for Professionals. The program aims to enhance Supervisory competencies of trainees in performing their role in a focused manner resulting in improved Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) of the products and services.

In the recently concluded program, held at MacLead Institute, Greater Noida, 25 participants from five Small Scale Industries were trained by professionals from industries in an eight module workshop over four weekends

Extremely motivated and charged with energy throughout the programme, a lot of trainees already started implementing what they had learnt in the sessions, at their workplace and shared their experiences during the workshop.The programme is of immense significance especially for those who are in a leadership position and aspire to be part of the global workforce or progress from Supervisor to Manager.

The topics covered were: Introduction of the modules, Time Management, Leadership Skills, Effective Leadership at Work Place, Effective Team Work, Effective Problem Solving, Effective Decision Making Skills and Enhance your Performance.

Outcomes of the workshop were organizational focused improvements and individual focused improvements. Training was imparted in an experiential manner that included a lot of games and activities, skill inventory, real life situations and role-plays, job improvement plan and interactive sessions.

It was a very satisfying experience to hear some of the participants giving their feedback, sharing their learning with confidence and enthusiasm.

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