Impact of MasterG Fashion Designing Course at SDC Khurja

Feedback of Our Trainees

Visit to Sharda Hospital

On May 18, 2024, over 65 students from our Paramedical Department, accompanied by 4 trainers, embarked on a visit to Sharda Hospital in Greater Noida. The experience was not only educational but also deeply motivating. Overall, it proved to be a professionally enriching visit.

5S Day: Transforming Work Habits and Efficiency

Friday marks 5S Day, dedicated to reviewing all 5S-related activities undertaken throughout the week and implementing necessary corrections. The overarching goal is to instill 5S principles as a habitual part of our daily lives. Encouragingly, we're witnessing a notable shift in our approach.

Recreating Certificate Distribution Ceremony

Ensuring every student receives their due recognition, even if missed during the ceremony, is integral to our commitment to education. As we distribute Course Completion Certificates to those who were not present at our Certificate Distribution Ceremony, we celebrate the enduring beauty of education—an invaluable asset that remains with us always.

Visit by Principal of AKP Girls PG College

The visit by the Principal of AKP Girls PG College was instrumental in fostering stronger ties in the realm of education. Collaborations like these pave the way for advancing our mission of empowering underprivileged sectors of society, particularly women.

Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

As part of Preventive Social Medicine, Para Medical Trainer Mr. Vikas Kaushik, a veteran from the Army Medical Corps, offers crucial advice to students and trainers on staying safe during the summer heat.

Making our Campus 5S Compliant

Every week, the 5S process becomes increasingly dynamic on our campus. We're fully committed to aligning with the Principles of 5S, emphasizing sorting and disposing of unnecessary materials. Remember, 5S is not just a start but an ongoing journey towards excellence.

Selection of Brand Ambassador

On April 25, 2024, our selection panel conducted the first round of interviews to nominate Brand Ambassadors, who will assist in mobilizing students for different courses at our SDC.

Renovation at AKP Girls PG College

As part of our CSR Activity we renovated the main gate of AKP Girls PG College.


In our commitment to honor the dignity of labor, we engage in Shramdhan every Wednesday for an hour. At SDC, we firmly uphold the values of Shramdhan and adhere to the Principles of 5S.

CEE Prep: Joint Classes with NCC Cadets

A joint classes to prepare students for the Commom Entrance Exam - CEE for Agniveer were held with NCC Cadets from the local NCC Battalion. Commanding Officer of the NCC Battalion was present in the occasion and spoke to all the students.

NEP New Session

Fresh registrations for new batches from AKP College under the NEP-20 have commenced since last Saturday, and the momentum is building up. Classes are scheduled to commence from April 20, 2024.

SDC Khurja offers infrastructure along with meticulously designed courses and a curriculum recognized by Government Skill Development Missions for integration of vocational education into the Indian education system as per NEP – 20 mandate.

Alumni Meet

Our alumni serve as our ultimate brand ambassadors, embodying the essence of our brand. To celebrate their dedication, an Alumni Meet was organized. It was truly inspiring to witness the success of our alumni across various fields.

Beautician Course Orientation Programme

An orientation training session for the Beautician Course was held on April 6, 2024, receiving a positive response. SDC Khurja has expanded its academic calendar by introducing three new courses: Hospitality Management, Logistics Supply Chain Management, and Beautician. These additions are in response to anticipated future needs and feedback from our stakeholders.

Course Closure : NEP-20 Courses at AKP PG College: Semester Conclusion

The six-credit courses, aligned with NEP-20, at AKP PG College concluded with the semester-end exam on April 4, 2024. Registration for new courses has commenced, with classes scheduled to begin next week.

Vertiv Team Visits SDC Khurja Campus

On April 5, 2024, Vertiv's team visited our campus and expressed profound admiration for the exceptional work of the Sleepwell Foundation. They extended their best wishes to every member of our team.

Zoom Meeting with IIMPACT Team

On April 4, 2024, a meeting convened to explore avenues for uplifting the underprivileged in society. Detailed insights about the Sleepwell Foundation were exchanged, intending to disseminate this knowledge to the target students. Inputs gathered will shape our forthcoming initiatives.

NEP Courses at DAV College, Bulundshahr:

SDC Khurja has signed an MoU with DAV College, Bulundshahr to conduct a Three-Credit course for students in accordance with NEP-20. The first classes commenced on April 4, 2024.

Happenings at SDC
in March 2022


At the completion of the course, SDC Khurja provides internship opportunities for the trainees. Chief Medical Surgeon of Jatiya Government Hospital Bulandshahr, Dr. Ajeet Wawa visited SDC Khurja for hiring Interns.

100 Trainees were selected at Jatiya Government Hospital, Bulandshahr, Dharpa Govt. Hospital, and Govt. Hospital Bulandshahr.

With the internships, our trainees would get hands-on experience on their subject making them better prepared for future jobs.


244 Trainees are better prepared with Soft Skills in their stock

Session on Interview Skills

Learning how to master Public Speaking Skills

Candidates with strong Public Speaking Skills are in demand for many occupations and are highly valued by employers.

To equip the trainees with these soft skills, sessions on Public Speaking were held on 2nd March 2022.

Trainees learned strategies for becoming a Better Public Speaker, and calming nerves that are associated with Public Speaking

Session on Interview Skills

Learning how to participate in Group Discussion

Many Recruiters use group discussion (GD) to test a candidate’s communication skills, leadership skills, test topic knowledge, and lateral thinking of a candidate.

To make the participants at home and be successful in job interviews, mock group discussions were held on 10th March 2022. Topics for mock GD were Elections, Women Empowerment, Corruption, etc.

70 participants joined the GD, to hone leadership qualities, enhance their depth of knowledge, and brush up on communication skills,

Session on Interview Skills

Resume Writing and Presentation Skills

A resume is the crucial first impression one makes on recruiters. It’s a make-or-break introduction that could either make them shortlist a candidate or toss it in the heap of hopeless rejects. A CV’s sole purpose, at least initially, is to bag a job interview.

Teaching the participants how to make an effective resume, a session was held on 15th March 2022. 78 trainees participated in the session. A competition was held for the best resumes and prizes were awarded to the best performers.

Achievers of Resume Writing Contest

Happenings at SDC
in February 2022


To mark the culmination of the 'Selling Skills Course, a certificate distribution ceremony was held at SDC on 5th February, 2022.

25 trainees, who successfully completed the course were awarded certificates by Mr. Rajul Chaturvedi, Selling Skills Coach and Author

7 Steps of An Effective Sales Call, an FMCG Salesman’s bible authored by Rajul Chaturvedi was also given to all the trainees.

An Orientation programme for the new batch was held, wherein 21 prospective trainees were present.

Happenings at SDC
in January 2022


250 Trainees Adds Soft Skills to Their Repertoire

In the modern workplace, one needs more than technical skills to be successful in career. Today’s employers seek candidates who can perform their jobs well but who can also fit into the company culture and interact with other employees.Personal mastery of soft skills leads to improved performance at workplace.

To equip the trainees with soft skills, SDC Khurja is conducting ongoing soft skills sessions for the trainees of the Centre. 4 sessions were held on 4, 18, 24 & 28 January, 2022 on Anger management and Stress management, where around 250 trainees participated. Trainees from Paramedical courses also participated to enhance their life skills.

Ms. Priya G, Master Trainer, conducted the sessions.

These sessions empowered the trainees with healthy coping mechanisms to use in frustrating situations and prevent them from physical and emotional exhaustion.



Happenings at SDC
in November 2021


Market Visit of MasterG Fashion Designing Course Trainees

For any business to grow and thrive, supply chain assessment is very important. It is also essential for risk mitigation as well. To make the trainees of the Fashion Designing Course running at SDC Khurja aware of raw material sourcing, they were taken for a market visit to Sanjay Colony, Okhla, and Govindpuri, New Delhi where they explored and learnt about different materials used in their trade.

They also got a first-hand exposure to marketing techniques, merchandising and display, and learned what's trending in fashion as well.

With such market visits, we try to give the best practical knowledge to our trainees to make sure that they become successful when they pass out and start their business.


200 Trainees Learn to be Effective Communicators

People tend to take the communication process for granted. We generally figure that the communication between two or more people is no big deal. It just works. However, the reality is very different-the process of communication is actually impressively complex.

Considering its importance, SDC Khurja conducted a 2-day Life Skill Session for Communication at SDC for the trainees of the Centre. Held on 16th and 19th November, 2021, the sessions were attended by 200 participants in 5 batches.

Ms. Priya G, Master Trainer, conducted the sessions.

The participants were taken through the many aspects & principles of communication and were enthralled by the power of good communication.

At the end of the sessions, the participants felt they have transformed to be better communicators.

SDC would be organizing many more Life Skill sessions to enhance skills and empower the trainees of SDC to be successful in life.


3 Gold, 8 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals

In the 23rd Annual District Athlete Championship-2021, held on 9th November 2021 at Tanda Stadium, Bulandshahr organized by the District Athletics Association Bulandshahr, athletes from Col Gautam Academy for Armed Forces excelled at the fields, giving us many moments to celebrate and make us proud.

Team Col Gautam Academy for Armed Forces ranked 3rd with an overall 15 medals haul, an all-time best performance.

With this big achievement we are now headed for the State level Championship.

See you there!

Happenings at SDC
in October 2021


Mr. Naresh Rawat, our Physical Trainer at Col. Gautam Academy stood 7th, (All India Position) at Lucknow City Half Marathon (21 kms) held on 17th October 2021. He not only made us proud with his feat, he is a leading the trainees by example, by imbibing them with a spirit to win.

Congratulations Naresh Sir for your achievement.

Your win is our win.

Mr. Rajiswar Giri, AGM, THDC India Ltd. visited SDC Khurja on 20th October 2021

Very delighted to see the Centre, its infrastructure, its curriculum, and its people—Mr. Rajiswar Giri, on his visit interacted very positively with the trainees sharing lots of insight and information. He was impressed by the MasterG programme, which empowers rural women in making them professionals. He appreciated the role SDC is playing in economic development in rural areas.

We are thankful to Mr. Giri for his kind visit.

Your interaction enriched us.


Mohd. Noman, a former trainee of MasterG Fashion Designing Course at SDC Khurja, is now training women in garment designing in Khargone village in the outskirts of Indore. His protégés, all rural women, are designing outfits to be showcased by professional models on ramp in a fashion show to be organized by Times of India. They are designing more than 20 dresses. The training Noman received at SDC certainly empowered him to empower many others.

We congratulate Mohd. Nonam for his extraordinary stewardship as we see our success in him.

We want to see many more Nonams springing out of SDC and becoming successful in their professional lives.


Ms. Namita Gautam, Managing Trustee, Sleepwell Foundation with the Children during her visit at SDC.

Children and youth, urban or rural, are the future of our country. To bring the best out of them, they need support and nurturing. SDC, set in rural areas, is committed to bring educational and skilling facilities within their reach. At the Centre, children and teens are taught English and Computer from an early age to make them proficient and competent later in life. At SDC, we are developing their future.